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FCA Coaches

At the heart of FCA is COACHES.
FCA touches coaches through Bible studies, staff visits, prayer support, discipleship and mentoring.

Join Us in Our Vision ...
  to see Eastern Iowa impacted for Jesus Christ through the Influence of Coaches & Athletes

Coaches Time Out Conference

2017 Mt Vernon HS FCA Coaches Breakfast

MVHS FCA Coaches Breakfast.1 - 1.12.17
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Especially for You Coach

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3Dimensional Coaching

Based on extensive research regarding different coaching philosophies and the cultural influence of coaches in the lives of the people they impact.

The FCA Coaches Academy is designed to help coaches explore the biblical truth behind the research-backed concepts of 3Dimensional Coaching.

By completing this academy, coaches will become more transformational in the lives of their players by learning to coach in all three dimensions from a faith-based perspective. 

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The r12 Coach


FCA's discipleship process designed specifically for YOU the coach.

How do I start my own
r12 Coach group?

The fact that you are even reading this page says a lot about you.

It says that you are either one of those people who has to read everything, or you are at least open to being used by God to lead a coaches small group.

Leading a small group can sound intimidating, but it really doesn’t have to be. Think of it more as gathering a few coaches to get to know each other better and to have discussions about spiritual matters.

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Your Gameplan for Life

In most athletic contests a coach prepares a game plan ahead of time. God designed a plan for our lives before the world began. God is holy and perfect.

He created us to Love Him, Glorify Him & Enjoy Him forever.

* What is God's Standard?
* What is God's Plan?   

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Complete Your MLA Here

In order to work with youth on behalf of FCA, you must complete the FCA Ministry Leader Application (MLA). If you have previously completed the Ministry Leader Application, after September 1, 2008, you do not need to complete another one. This MLA application must be reviewed and approved by FCA Staff before you can participate.

Coaches Mandate

Pray as though nothing of eternal value is going to
  happen in my athletes’ lives unless God does it.

Prepare each practice and game,
  giving my utmost for His highest.

Seek not to be served by my athletes for personal gain,
  but serve them as Christ served the church.

Be satisfied not with producing a winning record,
  but with producing winning athletes.

Attend carefully to my private and public walk with God,
  knowing that the athlete will never rise to a standard higher
  than that being lived by the coach.

Glorify Christ in my coaching,
  trusting the Lord will then draw athletes to Himself.

Desire to have a growing hunger for God’s Word,
  a transformed heart and daily obedience.

Depend solely upon God for transformation,
  one athlete at a time.

Live out Christ’s word in a Christ-like manner,
  on and off the field of competition.

Recognize that it is impossible to bring glory
  to both myself and Christ at the same time.

Allow my coaching to produce the fruit of the Spirit,
  thus producing athletes who are authentic followers of Christ.

Trust God to reveal to my athletes His chosen purposes,
  regardless of whether the wins are clearly visible.

Coach with humble gratitude,
  as one privileged to be God’s coach.

© 2009 Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
Revised from “The Preacher’s Mandate.”