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Volunteers are Vital Members of Team FCA

Listed below are some of the ways people can be involved in Eastern Iowa FCA Community Ministry:

Banquet Team – A great way to involve people in the life of the FCA Ministry. In 2017, over 40 people were involved on four different working groups (sponsorships, table hosts, program and prayer). This is a great way to get involved in a key aspect of the FCA Ministry!

Banquet Table Hosts – Table hosts invite others to the annual FCA Banquet and give them the opportunity to partner with Eastern FCA to expand the work of the ministry. Table hosts are advocates for FCA and use their ‘sphere of influence’ to help support the FCA ministry.

Golf Team – This group organizes the annual FCA Golf Day each year at Elmcrest Country Club (Cedar Rapids, Iowa). This a great ministry opportunity for volunteers with an interest in golf. Includes: hole sponsorships, captain & player recruitment, advertising, logistics, food, prizes and pledge cards.

Power Camp Team – This team spearheads the annual two-day camp for kids in grades 3-8. Tasks include identifying coaches and huddle leaders, logistics for 11 different sports at multiple venues, advertising & promotions, chapel time, and much more. In 2010, we had over 500 campers and close to 700 total volunteers involved in this community-wide service project.

Coaches Council – A team that is forming to address Critical Objective #5 (“Coaches ministry plan established to support and reach local coaches”). This group will develop strategy and long range planning for more effective coaches ministry in Eastern Iowa. Includes visiting coaches, handing out bibles, bible studies, breakfasts, developing resources, special events, data base work, and much more.

Critical Objective Teams – Opportunities exist for individuals in the community to be part of these critical objective teams on a formal or informal basis. Eastern Iowa FCA’s strategy plan entailed 27 “critical objectives” of which the Leadership Board has prioritized into a “top 12” list. These are the key “focus areas” for Eastern Iowa FCA and help provide direction in the allocation of resources as we seek to grow the ministry in our 27-county area.

Office Support – Opportunities exist throughout the year to assist with various office projects, including mailouts, photocopying, data base analysis, among many other tasks.

Booster Clubs – Our goal is to start an FCA Booster Club at every high school that currently has an FCA presence. This is a tremendous way to be involved in the FCA campus ministry.

Leadership Board of Directors – The Eastern Iowa FCA Leadership Board oversees all ministry activity in Eastern Iowa. Members are nominated and elected each year.

Pella Sports Camp Coaching Staff