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FIELDS of FAITH: You CAN Shift the Momentum of the Game!

Every generation needs people to spark a spiritual movement for God.
Christianity needs a change in momentum—students who will stand together against the pressures and temptations in our world. Our world needs a generation that is committed to reading the Bible and applying it as their “game plan” for life. 

You CAN shift the momentum of the game, and ultimately, change your culture.

What is Fields of Faith?
Fields of Faith is a peer-to-peer event. Students invite their own classmates and teammates to hear fellow students share their testimonies, be challenged to read the Word of God and follow Jesus Christ. An athletic field provides a neutral, interdenominational rally point where a community can come together.

Students combined with a leadership team will work together to run the event. The leadership team will work to form partnerships with churches in the area regardless of denomination and help plan their Fields of Faith event.

Fields of Faith follows the method used by King Josiah. Most modern rallies are built around entertainment with professional speakers and this tends to create a separation. Fields of Faith highlights local students in the program creating a powerful connection. The success of this event is rooted in its simplicity:

  • Bring many people together at one time.
  • Read Scripture and share personal testimonies.
  • Be challenged by fellow students to read the Word of God and to follow Jesus Christ.

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  • 2018 West Delaware Fields of Faith Photo Gallery

    2018 Union Fields of Faith Photo Gallery

    2018 Linn-Mar Fields of Faith Photo Gallery

    Local Fields of Faith Events

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    EASTERN IOWA Locations

    LINN-MAR High School - Oct 3rd 7pm

    UNION High School - Oct 3rd 7pm

    WEST DELAWARE High School - Oct 10th 7pm


    Contact Eastern Iowa FCA for information in YOUR area ---> 319.832.1461



    An Inspired Start

    In 2002, Oklahoma Fellowship of Christian Athletes Area Director, Jeff Martin, prayed about what to do with his heartfelt frustration regarding the temptations and spiritual battles facing our more “spectator generation” youth. God led him to 2 Chronicles 34 for the answer. King Josiah, an influential teenager, gathered his people and challenged them to read God’s Word. As a result, they changed their culture.

    When a team is losing, they go back to the fundamentals. They don’t make their game plan more complex. That was God’s answer to Jeff’s prayer: bring kids back to the fundamentals of the “game plan of life,” His Word.

    A Dream Comes True

    In 2004, The Josiah-influenced dream came true when more than 6,000 students gathered on school athletic fields throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas for Fields of Faith. Through the student led events, more than 100 students made decisions for Christ. In 2005, 9,200 students gathered for the same purpose, and 372 made commitments to Christ.

    National Roll-Out

    On Wednesday, October 11, 2006, the annual Fields of Faith event went nationwide. It grew from just three states to over 35. It ballooned from 31 Fields to over 337 and impacted over 50,000 people!

    The Growth of FOF

    We continue to see tremendous impact each year through Fields of Faith and are excited about what God is doing and is going to do through every Field.

    2017 Union Fields of Faith Photo Gallery

    2017 West Delaware Fields of Faith Photo Gallery