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FCA offers a wide variety of ministry resources and training to help you and others grow.

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What is FCA Campus 101?

FCA Campus 101 is the one place where every athlete, coach and volunteer can learn what FCA Campus Ministry is, and how to use it effectively.

It includes three components that work together to train, equip and grow. It uses videos, quizzes, resources and interaction from the whole FCA family to unify, enhance and advance our Campus Ministry.

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How do I start an FCA Huddle?

Here are the steps you’ll need to start an FCA Campus Ministry on your campus. There are many ministry types to choose from.

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Ministry Leadership Application = 'MLA'

Ministry Leadership Application

In order to work with youth on behalf of FCA, you must complete the FCA Ministry Leader Application (MLA). If you have previously completed the Ministry Leader Application, after September 1, 2008, you do not need to complete another one. This MLA application must be reviewed and approved by FCA Staff before you can participate.

Equipping You for Tomorrow

FCA Magazine’s College Guide is a collection of Christian colleges from around the country
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One Way 2 Play

OW2P, One Way 2 Play, is a systematic program developed to confront the problem of drug use among students by instilling values, encouraging goal-setting and establishing accountability through positive peer pressure.

It challenges students to sign a commitment card saying they will be alcohol and drug free.

In a recent survey of 125,000 coaches, over 90 percent of the respondents said the number one challenge they faced in dealing with their athletes is the problem of drug and alcohol use. And the problem is not just limited to athletes. It is a problem in every part of our society.

OW2P contains three critical elements that make this program one of the most effective in America. When we are talking about One Way 2 Play, FCA stands for Faith, Commitment and Accountability.

Faith they can receive wisdom to make and carry out good decisions.

Commitment to say “no” to alcohol and drugs, as well as helping others to keep their commitments and sign the commitment pledge. (Students have a 60% greater chance of following through on commitments that they sign.)

Accountability to their friends, group leaders and families in keeping their pledge. (Five key accountability questions allow students to have peer help. Students have a 85% greater chance of following through on their commitment if they stay accountable to a peer once a week.)

The 5 Hard Questions:
1. Are you living and playing alcohol and drug free?
2. Are you encouraging others to live and play that way?
3. Are you being honest with at least one mature person about your feelings and temptations?
4. Are your decisions being made by faith?
5. Are your thoughts, words and actions honorable?

YOU the athlete snip

What is Your Gameplan for Life?

As an athlete with God, we all have a weakness. That weakness is sin
and no matter what sin we commit, it ultimatley separates us from God,
our heavenly coach.

* What is sin?
* Who has sinned?
* What's the result of sin?

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